Healthy Cooking With NO Artificial Flavour and Food Coloring

Everyone loves delicious and healthy food, but not everyone can make their food delicious and/or healthy. Many people would think it is too complicated to make Asian food.

With our unique receipes and teaching approaches, however, you will discover the secrets behind the Asian cooking philosophies, and the cooking itself is as easy as ABC. We take pride in our fresh and healthy cooking with NO MSG, artificial flavour and food coloring.

The Features of Our Cooking Classes at OCCS

We teach how to make Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Korean and Vietnamese cuisine, including sushi and vegetarian food. All of our classes are hands-on, and start from scratch. In our cooking classes, we show and teach cooking skills, and talk about the culture. Every class is full of fun and information, and everyone gets involved in all cooking activities.

A Cooking Lesson = A Dinner?

Is this equation taught by a math teacher? Never mind. Here at our cooking studio, however, every cooking lesson is also a dinner consisting of the dishes made in class and some complimentary items as specified in the menus for scheduled cooking lessons. As always, students enjoy the food they have made, and then take home afterwards.